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Meet the Mackenzies

It all started when Jack attended a Master Gardener class...  like a seed that had been planted, the idea of growing flowers after spending years in the professional, non-farming world grew into a labor of love and what we now know as Woodbine Mead, LLC 

The Mackenzies strive every day to  balance a love of nature, hard work, creating beauty and spreading joy at the farm.  

Flowers make the world a more beautiful, enjoyable place and they are inspired by the way a fresh bouquet of flowers lights up someone's entire face.  The hardworking team at Woodbine Mead enjoy creating unique, seasonally-inspired arrangements and bouquets with their gorgeous farm fresh flowers and Jill is always behind the scenes, helping to make sure that it all happens smoothly. Of course,  we are always under the careful watch of our resident pups Dahlia and Poppy.  

Woodbine Mead is truly a labor of love and it shows in the quality of our flowers.  


The Farm

Woodbine Mead, LLC is nestled on the outskirts of Fayetteville, just a 10 minute drive from the Fayetteville Square.  

We encourage you to visit the farm and let Jack take you on a tour!  

He is always up for a chat about flowers and eager to help you with your flower needs.  


Due to the small, busy nature of our farm, we just ask that you call first to make sure someone is available to greet you when you arrive.  

Woodbine Mead, LLC is dedicated to growing only flower varieties that have proven to do well as cut flowers ~ producing high quality, sustainable, fragrant blooms is our priority. By focusing on intensive planting, soil fertility, plant health and succession planting we grow an impressive amount of flowers. 

We are passionate about flowers and it shows! 

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Why Choose Local?

Did you know that 80% of the cut flowers sold in the USA are imported from other counties?  This means that the flowers have traveled thousands of miles to reach your table, often cut weeks before you buy them, and are typically drenched in chemicals to help them survive the journey and ensure no diseases or pests are introduced to the USA.

Similar to the growth of the local food movement, conscious consumers are catching on and choosing local and American Grown flowers. We are proud to bring you such quality and sustainability.  The farm is a haven for pollinators and we intend to keep it that way!

Fresh + Long Lasting

Our flowers are harvested each morning and served up fresh to our customers.  By providing our flowers with fresh, clean water you can expect them to last, on average about a week in the vase. The offerings of Woodbine Mead change with each week, month and season. Our season begins with Anemones. Hellebores, Ranunculus and Tulips in the Spring and ends with Dahlias and Sunflowers in the Fall, with all sorts of beauty in between. Many of our customers choose to enroll in our flower subscription service so they can enjoy a weekly arrangement filled with all the farm has to offer!

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